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Project Title:
Flash Demo & Card Design

2Evolved Pte Ltd

Mr Alvin Sim
Mr Cedric Lee

Group Members:
Brandon Tan
Nicole de Silva

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
The Flash Demo

A Brief Description
Basically, our project is a flash demonstration aimed at giving brand new players a quick and interactive guide and crash course on how to play the game. A whole variety of cards are introduced in the demo to show players the different perspectives and strategies that can be used. Also, this demo is aimed at players who have NEVER played any kind of trading card game in their entire life. So for those who have prior experience in other trading card games, do be patient even though it might be a little repetitive or draggy in terms of the explanations.

Most of the interactive flash demonstration is finished except for some touch ups and last minute finishes that our mentor is still in progress with. The demo is still being developed so stay tune to this space and we will put a link to the flash demo once it is completed and put online. Interested parties can then access this interactive demonstration for a quick guide and crash course on how to play the card game.