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Project Title:
Flash Demo & Card Design

2Evolved Pte Ltd

Mr Alvin Sim
Mr Cedric Lee

Group Members:
Brandon Tan
Nicole de Silva

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Brandon's Reflections.

Some of the content and skills I learnt a lot during this attachment were business tactics, managing funds, appealing to potential investors, feasible business plans and a lot of socializing skills. During the business lectures and workshops, we learnt a lot about starting up one’s own business, the factors we have to consider as well as what makes an appealing presentation to potential investors. Also, your team that’s working with you on the business is very important as it’s most preferable to get a variety of people on your team. Also, when one gets an investor, it is very important to manage funds wisely as such a large sum of money suddenly presented to you can be very tempting. Last but not least, socializing and net- working is very important in the cooperate world. During the business workshop, we had a taste of it. During the breaks, everyone would be mingling around asking one another what kind of business they dealt in and exchanging business cards. This way one’s contacts and networks grow and you never know when you’ll need these people’s help.

Even though the card games were very fun, I found that what I learnt most was how the company sold their products and the techniques used to draw in customers, how they attract more people and how they keep players loyal to the game.

My most interesting observation of the people I interacted with at work, was the way he could switch between casual talk mixed with Chinese and dialect to perfect English when talking to professionals. The first time I encountered this was on the 3rd day of work. He was talking in broken English mixed with Chinese when a phone call came.
When he saw who was calling and picked up the phone, his whole tone changed to perfect English, I might even say with a slight American accent! That was amazing. To me this is one of the most important skills if one was in the service industry. You would need to be able to make your customers feel at home. If your customer was a person who spoke dialect and was not proficient in English, you should speak his lingo in order to make him feel at home. This way, people would feel warmer towards you and thus more inclined to show interest in your product or whatever that you have to sell. Conversely if your customer was a professional lawyer, you should speak good English so as to be able to match him in terms of vocal skills. This would give him a good impression of you and he would be more inclined to think you have the caliber to carry out the services that you offer with much proficiency.

Important traits to do well and enjoy work would be having a positive attitude and keeping in mind social etiquette. Having a positive attitude at all times ensure that you take what is thrown at you in stride no matter good or bad. This way you wouldn’t complain or give an unhappy face which put people off and give them a bad impression of you. Also, sometimes when people see that you are happy to help them, they would also be more willing to help you should you need their assistance. The next is social etiquette and courtesy. When you are either punctual or early every time people will have a good impression of you. Other things such as offering to help carry things or pay even though the boss wants to treat you are just some of the examples. People feel they are around a well brought up and well mannered person and will think better of you or speak well of you when asked.

Lastly, I feel that this attachment has taught me many valuable lessons and takeaways that I would never have otherwise been able to experience. Many thanks and much appreciation to the company and its people and not forgetting the teacher in charge who engaged them in the first place without whom this opportunity would not have knocked on my door.